Dental hygiene and teeth whitening


Modern procedures

Superior care, the use of leading methods and modern equipment in the field of dental hygiene will ensure that your smile will shine on all sides.

Sensitive treatment without pain

We use painless and gentle methods of treating tartar and plaque to prevent tooth decay and improve gum health.

Gift on first visit

On your first visit, the hygienist will explain how to take care of your teeth properly and give you a dental home care pack.

All specialists in 1 place

If the hygienist detects a problem, she can consult with other doctors at the clinic who will treat it at the outset and prevent future problems.

Dental hygiene

The aim of preventive dental hygiene is to prevent dental disease. People should undergo it regularly at a dental clinic, depending on individual recommendations from the doctor, the type of deposits in the teeth and the condition of the dental tissues. 

We perform dental hygiene using: 

  • hand tools, 
  • ultrasound, 
  • Airflow sandblasting, 
  • special pastes for remineralisation of teeth 
  • and gentle Woodpecker, which is a light scaler and squealer in one.  

By removing plaque and tartar that a regular toothbrush can’t handle, we’ll rid you of a whole host of problems like: 

  • bad breath, 
  • the development of inflammatory processes and gingivitis, 
  • tooth decay, 
  • the formation of periodontal pockets, 
  • the exposure of the dental necks, 
  • increased sensitivity of the teeth and gums, 
  • wobbling teeth, 
  • bone loss. 

Teeth whitening with Pure Whitening technology

With a smile, the world is instantly happier, don’t be afraid to show your teeth on all sides. Pure Whitening is the only teeth whitening technology in the world that guarantees both results and durability.

During your first visit, we will make perfect impressions of your teeth, based on which we will make exact-fitting retainers. For 14 days, you will apply a special gel to them that is the only one on the market that is as effective as when it was made. Finally, you will have your teeth whitened by our hygienist.

We will provide these services in our offices in PragueMelnik and Horní Počaply.

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